Silvicultural Systems: Even-Aged — Clearcut with Standards

The Clearcut with Standards silvicultural system is used for stands of shade-intolerant trees. Species such as poplar, jack pine, red pine and white birch require open sunlight conditions to germinate and grow new seedlings.

In this system most of the trees are removed in one cut. Residual features such as internal patches, individual trees, snags and downed woody debris mimic the stand level structural diversity of area disturbed by fire. The size, shape and pattern of the cuts on the overall landscape emulate the effects of large, natural disturbances such as fire. These areas help to maintain the natural diversity of the forest while creating the early successional habitat favoured by wildlife such as the white-tailed deer.

The cut areas may be replanted or left to naturally regenerate with shade-intolerant species. Although the individual stands of trees are even-aged, all ages may be represented on the landscape at any one time.

The clearcut with standards system accounts for approximately 3% of harvesting operations in Algonquin Park, with an average size of 4.6 hectares in 2012/2013.


Clearcut with standards