Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Policy


To be a leader in sustainable forest management that maintains Park values for future generations.


To ensure the long-term health of Algonquin Park’s forests and to produce a sustainable supply of forest products for the local economy.


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Sustainable Forest Management: Conform with requirements of the CSA Z809 national SFM standard.

Manage Algonquin’s forests in a sustainable manner consistent with requirements of the sustainable forest management plan. This includes:

  • Conserving biological diversity;
  • Conserving forest ecosystem condition and productivity by maintaining the health, vitality and rates of biological production;
  • Conserving soil and water resources;
  • Maintaining forest conditions and management activities that contribute to the health of global ecological cycles;
  • Providing multiple benefits to society; and
  • Accepting society’s responsibility for sustainable development
  • Locate forest operations away from recreational features (campgrounds, canoe routes, portages, hiking trails) during peak periods of usage
  • Maintain aesthetic qualities of the forest landscape
  • Avoid insecticide and herbicide use whenever possible

Compliance with Laws:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable laws, regulations, policies, standards and other requirements to which AFA subscribes
  • Honour all international agreements and conventions relevant to SFM to which Canada is a signatory
  • Prevent pollution using processes, practices, materials or products that avoid, reduce or control pollution
  • Continuously evaluate compliance with current laws and regulations, and the prevention of pollution
  • Periodic independent audits shall ensure that operations are consistent with established policies and objectives

Public Participation:

  • Provide opportunities for public consultation on sustainable forest management practices in Algonquin Park
  • Maintain a public advisory committee to provide input on sustainable forest management
  • Facilitate public review and input on the Forest Management Plan and work schedules and respond to comments in a timely fashion
  • Effectively communicate forest management practices in the Park to the public
  • Make public the results of independent audits and ongoing assessments in annual reports

Indigenous Rights and Participation:

  • Respect Indigenous and treaty rights
  • Provide participation opportunities for Indigenous peoples with respect to their rights and interests in sustainable forest management
  • Work co-operatively with local Indigenous communities to identify and implement ways of achieving a more equal participation by Indigenous communities in the benefits provided through forest management planning in Algonquin Park

Health and Safety:

  • Provide conditions and safeguards for the health and safety of workers and the public
  • Establish and communicate safe working habits to employees of the Authority and its contractors
  • Organize training programs for AFA employees and assist contractors in their training programs
  • Maintain and communicate emergency response plans and procedures

Continual Improvement:

  • Improve knowledge about the forest and sustainable forest management and monitor advances in SFM science and technology and incorporate them where applicable
  • Participate in research projects that contribute to the health of the forest ecosystem and productivity of the forest
  • Establish partnerships with private sector and other scientific institutions and partnerships to promote forestry education and awareness
  • Effectively communicate new procedures and responsibilities to employees, contractors and woodsworkers in a timely fashion
  • Ensure sufficient monetary funds are budgeted to train personnel
  • Participate in the development of new standards and guidelines
  • Regularly review the Sustainable Forest Management Policy and update as required