Forest Management: Harvest Operations

One of the objectives for the Authority set out in the Algonquin Forestry Authority Act is as follows :

Feller buncher working in hardwood

Subject to the Crown Forest Sustainability Act, 1994, to harvest Crown timber and produce logs therefrom and to sort, sell, supply and deliver the logs;”

In order to do this AFA employs a workforce of local forestry contractors to build roads, harvest trees and deliver logs to client mills. These skilled workers are trained in AFA’s Environmental and Sustainable Forest Management System and operate to the standards and guidelines contained in the Forest Management Plan.

Harvesting trees identified for removal by the tree markers is an integral part of the forest management system. It must be done carefully so as not to damage residual trees or the forest site. Operations are modified as prescribed when working in an Area of Concern (AOC) in order to protect Park values.

Operations are planned and monitored by AFA staff.