Forest Certification: Frequently Asked Questions

Why implement a SFM Plan?

  • To demonstrate to the public and its customers that the Algonquin Park forest is being managed on a sustainable basis.
  • Allows AFA to promote the successful results of their SFM efforts using independent, third-party verification.
  • Voluntary participation in the requirements of the standard provides AFA with the opportunity to continually improve forest management performance and engage interested parties in a focused public participation process.

What is Forest Certification?

  • A system for continually improving forest management practices.
  • Forest certification involves compliance with a standard designed to ensure that a forest is being managed in a sustainable manner.

How does it work?

  • A standard is developed by an independent organization.
  • Applicants develop and implement a Sustainable Forest Management Plan for a defined forest area according to the elements of a standard.
  • Independent auditors issue certificates to forest operations that comply with the standard and reassess compliance with the standard and the Sustainable Forest Management Plan on an annual basis.

How does it relate to other planning processes?

  • Certification does not alter Provincial decisions regarding areas of the park where low intensity recreation and commercial timber harvesting are permitted.
  • Certification does not alter the existing Forest Management Plan.
  • Certification does not alter the existing Park Management Plan.

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